– Neil Croswell –
“Keep your eyes on him, as he is a rising star in the world of magic today”

– Sagar Choksi –

“He is such a fantastic creator and performer of magic. He always makes beautiful sets and has flawless sleights to accompany it. Makes the show so much better”

– Lukkade Metinee –

“It’s like watching a Broadway show”

– Tom Schubert –
“His creativity through the art of magic was totally amazing!”

– Tomoichi Yuki –

“I have been in the art industry for over 24 years.
VK.Vich is one of the fascinating artists. It’s like a masterpiece of a museum”

– Philip Magic –

“It’s not just a normal show, I always have to wonder what he will show in the next routine”

– Tianshi Jia –

“He will show you the story of his world, but real magic”

– Ice Apitsada –

“It’s world class”

– Robert Sode –
“He is Perfectionist in directing the show”

– Paitoon Laisakul –

“Everyone, what I’m going to criticize is that he’s a man who performs magic and has charm”