VK.Vich (Vichayut Kanungchoti) currently working as Magician, Illusionist, Street Performer
& Theatre Director of Magic Production and collaboration with International networks around the world.

– 19 International Awards & Performed 9 Countries around the world 

ปัจจุบัน VK.Vich (วิชยุตม์ คนึงโชติ) เป็นนักแสดงอิสระ, นักมายากล, นักแสดงสตรีทโชว์ และผู้กำกับงานศิลปะมายากล ในรูปแบบ Production ร่วมกับเครือข่ายต่างประเทศ เจ้าของรางวัลระดับนานาชาติมากกว่า 19 รางวัล และได้รับเชิญในฐานะ Guest Performer มากกว่า 9 ประเทศ 


“Thank you for this wonderful performance!”
“It’s like watching a Broadway show”
“When he performed, the night will be filled with trickery”
“It’s world class”
“It’s not just a normal show, I always have to wonder what he will show in the next routine”
“He is Perfectionist in directing the show”
“With Sun, magic has personality. He creates a whole universe that makes you wonder if magic is real”
“Keep your eyes on him, as he is a rising star in the world of magic today”
“He will show you the story of his world, but real magic”
“He turned the street space into special performance”
“He is such a fantastic creator and performer of magic. He always makes beautiful sets and has flawless sleights to accompany it. Makes the show so much better”
“Everyone, what I’m going to criticize is that he’s a man who performs magic and has charm”
“The act is very modern and contemporary, It’s very rare to find a performance like this.”
“One of the series of performances recommended”
“To find a magic performance, He is the most original.. GO! WATCH HIM!”
“His creativity through the art of magic was totally amazing!”
“I have been in the art industry for over 24 years.
VK.Vich is one of the fascinating artists. It’s like a masterpiece of a museum”