Joelouis – A Tale of Ocean Giantess

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The Tale of Ocean Giantess 2022

The Tale of Ocean Giantess
​Once upon a time, Lakshmi, the goddess of good fortune, wealth, fertility, prosperity and joy, gave a wonderful blessing in the form of a crystal into “The Rock” under the ocean. For over ten thousand years, “The Rock” had accumulated a great power becoming giantess in the ocean.
One day, she was mesmerized by the sound of flute from Phra Apai Manee. With the mantra of love, she transformed her body into a beautiful woman and deceived him to be her husband. They had been together for eight years until Phra Apai Manee was caught by Octopus. She had to transform back to Giantess for helping him, so that he realized the hidden truth and ran away from her. The ocean giantess tried to follow him.
Phra Apai Manee fled to the cliff on an island. The ocean giantess asked him to return to Butterfly Cave but he did not need to go back. She kept asking and not abolish. Finally, Phra Apai Manee blew the flute until the giantess died and the light of crystal went out.